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Posted by enzo on August 07, 2001 at 11:33:29:

In Reply to: Re: generate sound on key release posted by greg on August 04, 2001 at 20:01:34:

Hi Greg

Thanks for the info - you were right-on the money. However, I wanted to do this in drum mode - but amp and filter envelops are not available.

:This is from my reply to the same question a while ago, reposted for your convenience :)

: I'm not exactly sure how the sampled release would work-- as I've never tried it, I'm not sure if the results are good, but check out the harpsichord sounds on the QS. The ones where when you release the key, you hear another 'click' sound. My guess is that within a single program, there are two voices that come into effect (or more, if you want a layered sound): one for the regular, note-down sample, and one for the release sample. And I think under the amp envelope, or maybe filter envelope setting, there's an option under the delay setting where if you go all the way to the highest value (above 99), or maybe below the lowest value, it says 'hold' or something. You use the hold setting for the voice that is the sampled release. I may be wrong, i dont have the keyboard with me right now, but I think that that is how to get it done. I know there's a harpsichord sound that has it, and in think there's a string sound called 'ReleaseStrings' or something like it that also has the same effect. It may take quite a bit of tweaking to get it to sound good, i.e. get the attack and release samples not to interfere, and to get the right effect you want. I hope this helps.

: : I know it was addressed here - but can't find it when I need it. I need to trigger a sound (drum or keyboard) upon the release of the key. Any thoughts or direction please.

: : thanks
: : enzo

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