Re: How You manage Your QS Mixes when sequencing?

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Posted by Markku Mattila on October 10, 2001 at 03:47:17:

In Reply to: Re: How You manage Your QS Mixes when sequencing? posted by Nelson Vaz on October 09, 2001 at 07:27:00:

Yeah, that's definitely the best way of working. I have thought many times about the FX settings of my own multitimbral setups, or mixes, more precisely. As we know, we can't keep the effects settings of programs, when doing Mixes, and this is a technological limitation for which we can't do nothing. So we have to find optimal FX settings for the Mixes. There is still some extras, for example, we can switch effects on or off for particular channel, or change the buses they are routed to. Still, if the presets could play with their FX settings in the Mixes, the results would be different, in some cases astounding. I always use the True Stereo preset as a preset, where the FX settings are taken. It's effects seems to be quite a neutral, and suitable for many situations. Some times I tweak them a bit.

Thanks for digital audio, we can record the parts of our projects one at a time with QS in Normal mode, so the presets are playing with their FX settings. Though, this requires a lot of work, and adds a large amount of audio tracks into the project. Do You use this method? I haven't Yet in any of my projects, but I'm thinking to start to do the recording this way, maybe not with all, but with some projects.

PS. It's a drawback, that there is no any predefined settings in the FX section in the QS, or am I right? When I want to build a FXs from scratch, I have to set every FX parameter myself. When I was using Korg Wavestation, there were macros, from which I was able to start tweaking.

Markku Mattila

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