Re: How You manage Your QS Mixes when sequencing?

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Posted by Nelson Vaz on October 10, 2001 at 05:13:53:

In Reply to: Re: How You manage Your QS Mixes when sequencing? posted by Markku Mattila on October 10, 2001 at 03:47:17:


If Alesis would release a new operative system for the QS series where we would be able to use the individual effects for every program, I cannot even imagine how many thousands of smiles would be around! I think for that one has to go for the Supernova 2 or some EMU module series! Oh well!

Concerning digital recording, I really don't go much into it. Most basically cause I moved myself to another country for professional reasons, and I just use a Laptop for sequencing, which is quite bad on audio recording. So, I just use it for some dirty -atmosphere vocals that fit my tunes. The method you mentioned is really great, but for each of your tracks, the realtime tunning and effort would be huge. Another great thing would be to record each track as audio, and then tweak it with some effect plugins. Just a though!

To be able to get a kind of "effect menu", where you'd be able to grab pre-defined effects would be also increbible useful! The QS effect modulation can be quite interesting, but sometimes you just need things done fast and effectively. The Wavestation is a beautiful good sounding dinossaur, and yes, those macros helped me a lot as well!

One question... while doing dumps into Cakewalk, say a ALL DATA TO MIDI, does your Cakewalk sysex banks comming from the QS have the same size? With me, it's always different, sometimes 79333 bytes, someother 792xx, others 789xx...! Does this happened to you?


- Nelson

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