Got it working.... but!

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Posted by VladDrac on October 11, 2001 at 22:24:38:

In Reply to: New to the world of MIDI... need some pointers posted by Vlad Drac on October 09, 2001 at 19:41:30:

I was able to get the 8's global settings and multitimbral mode to communicate with my sequencer. I had to get an INI patch from the support group of my sequencer. After I loaded the patch, I was able to sequence tracks successfully using the PRESETS (instead of GenMIDI) on the QS. But....

The sequences and the presets will play back beautifully with PT7 (sequencer) through the main output of my Alesis QS8 which is going into a keyboard amp... but I'm still getting the cheezy General MIDI sounds coming through my PC Speakers/Soundcard. Here's what's happening....

Here's my MIDI driver setup in PT7 (sequencer):

Input drivers- Creative SBPCI External MIDI
Output drivers- Creative SBPCI External MIDI... this arrangement allows me to playback the awesome presets on my Alesis QS8 through the main output on my synth... but NOT through my PC Speakers/Soundcard when I play back a sequence in PT7. Is there a certain driver that I need in order to get these to play back through my PC speakers???

Input drivers- Creative SBPCI External MIDI
Output drivers- Creative SBPCI Synthesizer... this arrangement will only allow the cheesy General MIDI patches to playback through the PC speakers. The Alesis/PT7 will not play back sequences through the output of the Alesis to the keyboard amp.

If I didn't say before... I'm using Windows 2000 Pro.

In the control panel > Sounds and Multimedia

Audio (tab)

Midi Music Playback

I use .... my other choices are and

Hardware (tab)

Creative Sound Blaster

- Properties (tab)... under MIDI Devices and Instruments there is only . Should my Alesis QS be in this MIDI Devices section???

- Settings (tab)... under MIDI Synthesizer Waveset, I have a choice of and Is this an issue... if so which one do I use??? It is set on 2 MB by default.

- Still under the settings tab... there is an output mode seletor... analog and digital. It is set by default to analog. I tried to set it to digital... and it made a constant static noise through my PC speakers. Is analog the correct setting???

Is there anything else that would cause my soundcard to play back the cheesy General MIDI banks??? Is my Alesis synth supposed to be listed in the MIDI devices and instruments within the multimedia section of the control panel???

Thanks, Markku, for the tips on multitimbral setup etc.

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.


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