New to the world of MIDI... need some pointers

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Posted by Vlad Drac on October 09, 2001 at 19:41:30:


Here's all of my gear (if you need to know it):

Alesis QS8 (of course)

Windows 2000 Pro

Midi IN/OUT cable to soundcard (Alesis serial connection gave me too much trouble on my PC)

Creative Soundblaster 16 PCI soundcard

PowerTracks Pro Audio 7 (for sequencing)

I have successfully recorded multiple MIDI tracks to my PT sequencer and played them back... BUT... I can only use my General MIDI patches. I really like the PRESETS (1,2,3 and USER) on the QS8. Is there a way to use the PRESETS within the QS8 for MIDI playback/sequencing... or am I just limited to the General MIDI patches??? I've played around with some of the Global settings on the 8... with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Vlad Drac

If you need more info... feel free to ask!

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