Rented QS6.2 won't MIDI OUT to PC

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Posted by JPX on November 19, 2004 at 20:22:47:

I'm checking out various controllers for comparing features before I decide upon a purchase. I rented a QS6.2 to use as a MIDI controller with my PC. Running Win XP with SP2, using SoundBlaster Live! card, with MIDI IN and OUT runing from the SB MIDI port into the back of the QS6.2. Now then, after going step-by-step through the Global Settings, I still cannot get the PC to receive any MIDI signal whatsoever. I checked the cables and soundcard, and plugged another synth back in just to make sure I'm good to go. Everything works on the other keyboard (casio, nuff said), so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on what might be either 1)a compatibility issue with the SoundBlaster Live!, or 2)just a bad rental unit thatmight not want to send out MIDI signals.

I spoke with an Alesis Tech Support person for 45 minutes this morning and got nowhere. Am I missing something? The settings never ask for 'baud' rates, and the QS6.2 I've got doen't have any serial ports or switches on the back.

Thanks. Replies, opinions appreciated.

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