Help my head hurts from all the reading..

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Posted by Catmandoo on February 12, 2005 at 17:19:23:

aight i have been making music for a while now and i am looking into getting a i read that they are expandable via q cards and that you could make your own...ok i found the cards and the sys.ex files and midi this is the part that confuses me..if i just want the to load the sys.ex and midi files i need freeloader right???do i need the card..??
and if i want to create my own samples i need soundbridge right??and i know i need the card for that...could i just buy one card and when i want to laod the sounds i need just load em on to the card and use em or is this a very long i heard the hip hop qcard and i liked a copule of things on it and i heard the latin qcard and like a couple of things of that can i combine only the things i like on one card and load it...also i got tottally lost when it came to expando banks..can someone explain that...i have been reading all day and these are the only question i have left to hwelp me decide if i want the qsr or not...thanks...if you could email me i would greatly appreciate it..

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