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Posted by Wadladl on February 19, 2005 at 12:58:43:

In Reply to: Help my head hurts from all the reading.. posted by Catmandoo on February 12, 2005 at 17:19:23:

Looking at your post here, I believe you asked if you need a card to load Sysex and MIDI under Freeloader?
And a question about Soundbridge and samples.
You can load certain program profiles directly to the user bank using Freeloader, (which programs/mixes are sys-ex profiles). In that case you don't need a card. But to have said programs/mixes stored elsewhere (ie.a card), you then need the card, obviously.
I presume you are aware that the QSR can use two types of storage card?
I am having a little difficulty understanding some of your questions concerning Soundbridge and loading "sounds."
I need more info to give any real meaning to an otherwise indefinite solution.
First off, there really is no sound involved with sys-ex information. It is all digital domain stuff which tells the synth how to "sound." That is why, for example, the QSR is called a sound module. It is a computer synthesizer, which generates sounds based on the digital information sent to it. MIDI is just digital information sent to and from the module.

But I think the jist of your query is; can one put the information (image file) contained on a series of Qcards onto a single ROM card?
I think not.
It has been my experience that the entire contents of any single Qcard image file must be loaded to a single 8 meg ROM card. The Alesis synth, including QSRs, only recognize 8 meg cards or smaller.
I have not been aware that anyone has been able to "split the difference" so to speak, when dealing with these Qcard image files.

Expando banks are just more programs/mixes you can use just like the ones already installed in the QSR synth or in a Qcard.
They are programs that did not get the popular vote when it came time to decide which programs were to go into the synth, or into the Qcards (Qcards also come with expando banks) They are good, though.

Programs and mixes relate to, or are used with, the specific samples which are supplied or contained within the synth or Qcard. They are small files that tell the synth what to do with said samples.

These expando banks can be loaded into the user bank or onto a card. Normally 8 banks can be loaded and then recognized by the synth when the card is installed in the synth.

It is not as hairy as it might seem. It just takes a little determination, and a few questions, maybe. But it is all clearly explained in the owner's manual and if done step by step, gives good results. Not that much reading.

Lots of fun,


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