Probably Simple Question on QS6 Effects

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Posted by Wolfe Bowers on October 29, 1998 at 21:21:54:

I've owned my QS6 happily for a year, but have
only recently delved into the unit ...

everything is crystal clear to me except for the
way effects are handled. i'm not that familiar
with effects processors. as far as i can tell,
there are 4 different effects buses. does
this mean that i can basically set up 4 different
'settings' of effects (like one with overdrive,
leslie, and reverb.. and one with reverb and delay, etc) and choose which one i want for each program?

And in MIX mode.. say, when I play back sequneces
via Cakewalk 8, the QS6 seems to use only ONE
effect bus for all incoming MIDI channels??
And it needs to read this effect information
from a program.

So what I've done is set up a "dummy program"
in the User Bank that has a laid back effect,
and set the multitimbral User Mix to always
load that dummy program in to read the
effects parameters from it. This seems very
silly to me. Is that the way it has to be?

(otherwise it "randomly" starts an effects
configuration depending on which program
happens to be in the 'get effects from channel #'
setting when i load a song, which is really
clumsy and weird)

If someone can explain to me the concept
of effects settings on the QS6 in Program
Mode and Multitimbral MIDI mode, I'd be VERY

Thank you!

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