Effects on the NanoSynth

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Posted by Muddy on November 08, 1998 at 16:08:15:

I can't explain a phenomen i've encountered: Some of the
programms on the nanosynth have cool effects with reverb
and delay when I play them through a MIDI controller
keyboard. But if I Play them through the cubasis or logic
software-sequenzer, the effects are gone! How can I get
the effects again? please help me.
BTW: I am a beginner on the nanosynth an I am looking for
experienced people to give me some advices and tips how to
operate the nanosynth (esp. Effects and Sequencing).
Is there a manual (I mean a good manual and not such like
the lousy refernce manual that comes with the synth) or
book on the nanosynth?

Thank you

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