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Posted by Dan Halbert on November 08, 1998 at 21:13:00:

In Reply to: Effects on the NanoSynth posted by Muddy on November 08, 1998 at 16:08:15:

: I can't explain a phenomen i've encountered: Some of the
: programms on the nanosynth have cool effects with reverb
: and delay when I play them through a MIDI controller
: keyboard. But if I Play them through the cubasis or logic
: software-sequenzer, the effects are gone! How can I get
: the effects again? please help me.
: BTW: I am a beginner on the nanosynth an I am looking for
: experienced people to give me some advices and tips how to
: operate the nanosynth (esp. Effects and Sequencing).
: Is there a manual (I mean a good manual and not such like
: the lousy refernce manual that comes with the synth) or
: book on the nanosynth?

: Thank you
: Muddy

The effects in use on the Nanosynth are determined by the program
set in channel 1 (by default - to change it, change the Mix FX Channel in Unisyn
or other editor).

This is because the Nanosynth is always in QS-synthesizer "Mix" mode.

So if your controller keyboard was sending to channel 1, things
probably sounded fine, but if your sequencer program was sending to
another channel, you may have heard the effects of the channel 1 program.

Another possibility is that your sequencer program is
setting some of the MIDI controllers for reverb, etc. to 0 when it starts,
for some reason.

As for Nanosynth documentation, there is no better manual for it
specifically. I found it helpful to download the QS6 manual from
the Alesis web site. You can also see my FAQ on the Nanosynth on this web site.


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