QS6.1 Flash RAM sequencing problems

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Posted by Dave on November 18, 1998 at 23:05:49:


I just bought a Pertec Flash RAM card FAD008-P and have loaded some of my sequences.
The MIDI files play back great when I use Freeloader, but are really screwed up when I
use the sames sequences that I loaded to the card. The timing between instruments is way off
and wrong instruments are being played and some instruments are not being played at all. What is really weird is that if I go through the individual
channels, all of the correct instruments have been assigned to the channels. I can even play the
correct instruments while the screwy sequence is playing.

Does anyone know if the Pertec card is incompatible with the QS6.1? Are there some different
settings required for card playback versus Freeloader playback? HELP!!!!!!!!!

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