Master Pitch affects Drum Sounds

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Posted by Ekki on January 12, 1999 at 11:48:07:

Hi! :-)

As I am now trying to get used to playing sequences through my QS8 and a flash card I developed the following problem:
When I want to (temporarely) transpose my sequences to another key, I would use the "Master Pitch" option in the global settings section.
As long as I am in GM Mode this works fine with the drumkit(s) (on ch. 10). But I want to use _all_ of the QS-Patches and though I am
not in GM Mode, my drumkit is also shifted by the corresponding numer of half tones. (So this option is useless for me.)
Same thing happens when playing back through a software sequencer and altering the master pitch. Seems the problem is my QS8.

Is this normal, or a defective?

Any comments?

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