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Posted by steve on January 29, 1999 at 00:30:21:

I just bought a used, original Quadrasynth-- I love it, and it generally sounds great, but there's 2
problems with it--

1) the display (the incandescent bulb that backlights the LCD) is very dim-- it almost appers that the
bulb has fallen out of its original socket, because I can see it when I look through the keys in the
middle octave;

2) using any of the Quad knobs causes the synth to go berserk-- won't stay at a stable location, as if
someone were spinning the Quad knob back and forth very fast. Using only the Quad buttons &
Value buttons works fine, but editing becomes very slow.

So, I called Alesis tech support-- not only were they condescending and rude, they were absolutely
useless, other than to give me the phone # of the nearest repair shop. A monkey can do that-- what
the hell are they there for? But that's another issue for another day.

The way I see it, this is must be mechanical problem, replacement parts are available from Alesis,
and I have nearly every imaginable tool at my disposal-- any advice from anyone before I open this
baby up? Of course, will be taking every ESD precaution; just want to know if there's any boobytraps
(ie, keys falling out, etc)? Anyone have any experience digging around inside one of these?


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