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Posted by Jason Schoepfer on March 29, 1999 at 23:42:08:

In Reply to: OPENING UP A QS? posted by steve on January 29, 1999 at 00:30:21:

I have a QS6. I have opened it up twice. Once to do the EPROM upgrade. The second time was tonite. I have been having problems with my pitch wheel. It would sporadically change the pitch as I was playing (or not, but boy, those were some funny sounding GM songs it affected). I decided that before I bring it in to let some one do a 2 minute job on it, and charing me a fortune, I would crack it open again. BTW- there is not much in these pupppies. It turned out that the nut on the pitch bend was lose. This was causing the pot to move around, and thus change the pitch. I tightened it up, cleaned out the chasis (no dust though, guess it must be a new fetish of mine), put it all back together, and voila (or viola for those string players) works like a charm (and saved me some coin).

Judging by what is in the QS6, I am guessing that your board will be similar. Open it up (look out for the cables) and check those nuts, I bet you will find they are loose (and if not, get some canned air and start cleaning baby!!!).


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