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Posted by Dave on April 10, 1999 at 16:20:03:

In Reply to: QS8´s Mix+Sequencing+ Individual Sounds posted by Manoel Sarmento on April 09, 1999 at 21:37:40:


There are several settings that must be set before you can sequence correctly. To begin with, you need to go into GLOBAL EDIT and change your keyboard mode (i think it is setting 6) to SOLO - it sounds like you have it set to NORMal. Changing this setting will allow you to play only one instrument in a mix at a time. Next, you must set you keyboard to MIX mode and then go to USER bank 00 - the display should read Multi Timbral. This is where you create and play back sequences. You can use the channel buttons to move from channel to channel (or instrument to instrument) within the MIX.

Hopefully you are going to use one of the more common sequencing packages (I use Cakewalk Home Stuido). In your sequencing software simply load the appropriate instrument definition file (so it knows about your different banks and programs) and make sure you use Controler 0 as the BANK SELECT method in your sequencing software. Select a different instrumentr for each channel and go for it.

Good Luck - Dave.....

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