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Posted by Greg Jones on April 29, 1999 at 09:00:11:

In Reply to: Re: Sys X info for a newbie posted by Randy on April 28, 1999 at 13:24:27:

Thank you thank you for clarification.

So when the new QS8 comes out, if it's software
is upgraded, I'll be able to download the upgrade?

So why did Alesis make a sys ex list (available on
their site) and what would such a list be used for?

: System exlusive messages have nothing to do with sequencing or making music.

: Basics: System exlusive functions in midi software is simply a way for manufacturers and users to download software into midi instruments and devices through midi connections. SO lets say I wanted to upgrade the software in my Alesis using system exclusive. I would download the software off the internet, etc, and then have my sequencer open the software using system exlusive. Then I would set up my Alesis to recieve the upgrade and the computer would transfer the software information to the Alesis through the midi connection. The only time I have been interested in using sys-x was to ad patches to a Roland D-50.

: : I've been sequencing for quite a while with my QS8 but I don't know
: : much at all about system exclusive

: : I downloaded the sys x list available on Alesis's website but I don't know
: : what this info really means or how to use it.

: : What can one do with sysx? I currently use Cubasis (I'm planning on
: : upgrading to Cakewalk Pro Audio) . Can someone show me how to
: : use sys x with Cubasis?

: : I've seen where I have an option to record system exclusive in Cubasis
: : but I don't know what this really means.

: : Help.

: : Greg

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