a couple of prblems with my QS8

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Posted by Anthony on June 11, 1999 at 10:26:09:

Hello, I'm having a couple of problems with my
QS8 keyboard.
I sent an email to Alesis a month ago to try and get help but never got a response...
1st) The Mod Wheel sends out midi data when I leave it centered. If I press record on my sequencer (Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.0) and disconnect every other synth I have connected, it records changes in the position of my Mod Wheel without me touching it. I also see the midi in light flicker on on my
Midi Express XT unit. I tried disconnecting my midi cable going into my QS8 figuring,possibly Cakelwalk or my Midi Express was sending out signals to
the QS8 and it was just mirroring them back. That wasn't the case either...I have no idea what the problem is and nothing's more anoyying
than hearing modulation on a drum track..hehe..

2nd) Now and then I get an exclamation point on my lcd screen next to where it says the program number. When this exclamation point appears I get distortion coming out of my keyboard.

3rd) When I put the QS8 into Mix mode, I now and then get a loud sound coming out of the aux outs. Almost like a siren. Even with the volume on the QS8 all the way down I still get this sound coming out of the aux outs. I disconnceted all the midi cables & the audio cables for the main outputs hoping maybe one of the cables was bad and somehow bleeding a sound over to my aux out jacks...No such luck again..

IF someon could please help me it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

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