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Posted by Chad on June 26, 1999 at 07:46:06:

In Reply to: Re: New Q-card owner: some questions posted by coldfact on June 26, 1999 at 00:30:04:

The only reason I know anything is that since I'm not really a keyboardist (I got the QS for my son) so I read the manual for both the QS and the Q-Card cover to cover. There is also a lot of good info in the FAQ's on this website.

Yes, apparently, the *.syx are the standard as well as extra banks (loadable into user memory) that make the built in samples into the 128 (each) programs (voices).

I don't know how to extract the samples off the q-card. I can read how to create programs using them, and how to scroll through them while choosing one of the 4 sounds for each program, but I don't know how to get them off the card for the purpose of burning them back to another flash rom.

The last thing you said confuses me though. I didn't think (though I could be wrong) that the Q-cards were FLASH rom. I though they were just normal PCMCIA roms and were not reformatable. But again, don't go by what I think, cause I don't really know.

As far as the hidden demo, on the Eurodance card, sequences 00, 01, 02, and 03 are the published demos. The rest come back with "no sequence data" except for . . . 42 (life, the universe, and everything). On mine it's some wierd sound, followed by the display showing some Pinky and the Brain quote, followed by a series of letters that I later found out are the initials of all the people who worked on that card. Lemme know what the HIP HOP card has. I think the Alesis people just had to blow off a little creative steam.


: there are samples on the card, and the *.syx banks contain code which mixes various samples to create various unique voices. Cool...I am clueless at this, sorry!

: I also have a blank 2 meg flash ram make it into a q-like card, I would need to load samples and a *.syx bank onto it, I guess. I could also add midi sequences etc....

: But please tell me, where are all of the procedures required to do this documented....any pointers to URLs or Alesis guides/programs would be much appreciated!

: chad...I got the hip hop q-card, partly because I am interested in some of the dance loops....but mainly because it was 99 bucks at zzounds (and since the blank 8 meg cards are something like 80 + bucks...I figured I could just reformat it if I didn't like it!). Thanks for your reply...yes, tell me where the hidden demo is.

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