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Posted by Ryan on June 29, 1999 at 17:07:33:

I'm having a bit of trouble that's driving me nuts...

I have an old sequence that I'd played thru my SB AWE synth and sounded like trash, so I never used it... However, I was fiddling around with stuff last night, and opened that sequence (which was like a cello, a violin, a bass, and a string section) and had my QS6.1 on a mix preset which included the HugeStrings program... "Holy Shit," is what I said, cuz instead of sounding like utter trash a la AWE, it sounded awesome. I changed the other instruments around (and downloaded the QS6 definitions from here...) and restarted the sequence -- then came the problem. The first three instruments play a whole note (which is tied to other whole notes) for about 8 measures at the beginning. When the sequence starts, I get approximately a 1/32 note of the string sounds and then nothing... when the next note comes, nine measures later, it's a different preset, and when the fourth instrument comes in, which should be set to DrkCello, it's set to Minotaur. If I start the whole thing over at this point, I get the wrong patches...

I've gone to the beginning of measure 1 and defined all the patches for each instrument, and each instrument is using a different MIDI channel, but when I press play, it reverts back to different stuff. If I physically change the bank on the QS6.1 then the instruments are correct, but they are wrong if I press play at the beginning of the sequence.

What I need to know is, where are the bad setting coming from? There are, to my knowledge, no sysex messages being sent, so I don't see what can be getting reset...

Am I doing this wrong? Do I need to send a sysex message to tell it what patches should be assigned to each channel?

Thanks for any help.


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