Help! Drum sounds are overlapping while editing on a QS6.1

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Posted by Drum Head on July 17, 1999 at 15:31:09:

I am trying to edit some of the drum samples in the "Pop Up Kit" program (Preset Bank 2, #120),
but when I change sounds, they seem to be overlapping. For instance, I hit "Edit Select," then
hole the "00" button and tap the key the snare drum is on to select it for editing. The display then
says "SND: Crosstick 1." I then use the Value buttons to cycle through the rest of the snare sounds,
but it seems like the crosstick 1 sound is overlapping with the other samples, like it is always
in the background. I can change the hi-hats correctly, but when I try to change the crash cymbal
(the next to lowest Db key) I just get some white noise with a faint cymbal click in the background.
This may seem like an elementary problem, but I would really appreciate some assistance with
this frustrating (for me) matter.
Drum Head

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