QS7 FX use in MIX-multitimbrel mode

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Posted by Eric Po on July 28, 1999 at 20:48:32:

I am not quite clear on how to manipulate the effects through MIDI on the QS7.

I realize it gets pretty complicated, but right now I try to figure out this: How do I (and can I) adjust the level of the effects for each individual MIDI channel inmMultitimbrel mode?

For example, let's say the FX Program Change Channel is set for Channel 10 and I select an FX Patch (a program).
How do I set for Channel 1 to have a "zero" level of effects (0), Channel 2 to have a "Max" level of effects (127), and Channel 3 to have a "Moderate" level of effects (64)?

Any experienced users out there?

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