Hey, listen, how can I get my QS8 songs onto a CD?

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Posted by Paul Moeller on August 25, 1999 at 18:02:52:

Got a QS8, and using Cubasis.... by the way, isn't Cubasis kind of a limited program? Should I be using Cubase?

So what new equipment do I need to get my songs onto a CD for play in a regular CD player?

What programs do I need?

Also, I'm still a little in the dark on how to get my songs in multitimbral mode to have each instrument with its own effects patch.

I know it I can set one of the programs to be the effects patch for all the programs in my songs, but I hear I can do better than this; something to do with busses and so forth?

Whats a bus? What is ADAT good for?

Oh yeah, and this .arr type file; not the same as midi, right? why? Whats the difference in Cubasis between and song (.all) and an arrangement (.arr)?

Lots of questions I know. Thanks in advance.


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