Re: Hey, listen, how can I get my QS8 songs onto a CD?

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Posted by Luke on August 25, 1999 at 21:51:23:

In Reply to: Hey, listen, how can I get my QS8 songs onto a CD? posted by Paul Moeller on August 25, 1999 at 18:02:52:

All u need to get your songs on cd is a program that can record get your midi to wave format...which is just a matter of playing the midi and recording the wave. If you want to get fancy, you could get a wave editing program, to "master" your midi. I use sound forge, and it works great for that. but something as cheap is wavestudio back when soundblaster 16 was around works perfectly fine. as far as getting the wave to cd; all that takes is a recordable cd drive. cd-r drives are cheaper, but once the file is burned you cant erase it, and will have to get a new disk. cd-rw drives allow you to re-write stuff on your cd..but if your just going to use your cd burner for music, get a cd-. Im not to familiar with the prices but i think you can get all that in good quality for about 250. Im sorry i coundlt asnswer your other questions, im just as clueless on you with that, but i hope ive helped you regarding the cd stuff.

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