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Posted by Peter on September 11, 1999 at 22:45:06:

In Reply to: Digital output of QS8 posted by Greg Jones on September 09, 1999 at 08:19:42:

I bought a Frontier Designs "Wavecenter" which has ADAT in/out plus Toslink digital I/O so I can record to/from MD or CD burner after recording the WAV file digitally direct to HD. Go to their website to check out the details; and follow the product link to WAVECENTER.

The card costs about $400, and comes w/ software for wav editing and recording. I highly recommend this product. Once you hear your output digitally recorded to CDR or MD, you'll never go back! One other thing I really like is the ability to to use my MD D/A converter instead of the inboard D/A in the QS8 when recording "draft" versions to MD format. The signal to noise is much much lower than when using the analogue output to MD input and the sound is much cleaner and more transparent (I'm really picky about sound quality, though). In fact, I often route the ADAT signal through the Wavecenter out the digital toslink to the MD D/A converters and back to the AMP while I'm playing to get the cleaner sound. It sounds complicated, but it is really simple to use with the bundled software driver.

Good luck,

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