Digital output of QS8

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Posted by Greg Jones on September 09, 1999 at 08:19:42:

I have a question regarding the digital output of the QS8.

I'd like to be able to line out of the QS8's digital output to my
computer's soundcard for computer based recording.

The QS8 manual says that the digital output is designed to be used with
an ADAT. If I don't want to use an ADAT, it says that I can interface
the digital output with an AI-1. I only found an AI-3 on Alesis's website,
and it is designed to convert a signal from digital to analog, or vice versa.

Here's the text taken straight from the manual:

The QS can output digital audio directly into an Alesis ADAT or ADAT-compatible
multitrack digital recorder via fiber optic cable. The digital connector follows
a proprietary Alesis format that carries all four audio outputs of the QS (Main
and Aux, Left and Right) on a single fiber optic cable. Either pair of outputs
can be converted into standard AES/EBU or S/PDIF stereo digital audio format by
using the Alesis AI-1 interface.

What is S/PDIF?

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