QS8 assistance for a blind user

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Posted by Chip on September 15, 1999 at 14:44:03:

Like most of the QS8 users I've read about so far, I'm stuck using the GM banks of songs in my sequences. I understand that I need to go into global and set GenMidi off, Midi Prg Sel, and in Mix in need to set to multitimberl bank 00. Or at least that's they way I think I understand it. Some one also said that for my current GM files, I need to send a GM on at the start and GM off and the end of each file. Ok. Sounds great., However, is there any sysex message I can place either in a file of it's own, or the start of my sequences that will do the things I need done in the global and mix menus?Not being able to see the display, it should would make life easier, if was able to do everything I needed from a bit of code. Also, what would be the gm on and off messages that I need to place in my GM files that I already have?

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