Problems with Quadrasynth Plus Piano - QSPlus: EMPTY

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Posted by Johhny Cage on October 18, 1999 at 04:00:36:

Hi there !

I really need help here, my QSPlus Bank is lost ( 8 Mg Piano and all of the great sounds ), I can't
hear any of the programs/mix that have a QSPlus sound and when I try to edit them the
QSPLUS EMPTY appears on the dysplay. I allready reseted it to all the factoy presets.

I only wish I don't have to ask on a service center.


Johnny Cage


For those who have a QSynth PLus,

My Pitch bend wheel didn't worked well since the first year of use ( I got it new )
The -C- Contreller takes desicions of its own
A lot of bottons are sticky.

Just to share the expirience....

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