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Posted by Bob on October 19, 1999 at 09:00:50:

In Reply to: Problems with Quadrasynth Plus Piano - QSPlus: EMPTY posted by Johhny Cage on October 18, 1999 at 04:00:36:

: Hi there !

: I really need help here, my QSPlus Bank is lost ( 8 Mg Piano and all of the great sounds ), I can't
: hear any of the programs/mix that have a QSPlus sound and when I try to edit them the
: QSPLUS EMPTY appears on the dysplay. I allready reseted it to all the factoy presets.

: I only wish I don't have to ask on a service center.

If it is your User Bank that is lost, it is probably the RAM backup
battery.All synths etc. need somme amount of power running to retain memory in RAM.This is done by a Lithium cell inside on a cicuit board.
You can change it yourself,but that will void any warranty you might have.Be very careful not to disturb any other components,especially with solder iron.Batteries can be found at any decent electronics parts house for under $10.00.Just open the unit up and check the type, number&voltage of the one in there.Then you can probably get the Bank downloaded from Alesis,or some other nice person,if you don't already have the data backed up.Battery life is usually about
7-10 years on newer devices.Less on older analog types,so think about your other gear as well.Hope this helps!

: Thanks.

: Johnny Cage

: P.S

: For those who have a QSynth PLus,

: My Pitch bend wheel didn't worked well since the first year of use ( I got it new )
: The -C- Contreller takes desicions of its own
: A lot of bottons are sticky.

: Just to share the expirience....

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