Which synth should a first time-synth / long time piano player buy - QS4,6 or 6.1??

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Posted by Greg Allen on October 24, 1999 at 13:03:11:

I am a piano player and my only experience with electronic boards is my 10 year old Casio. The first
synth I considered buying was the Korg M-1, in the store I was very impressed. Recently I have come
into a good deal on a few Alesis brands - QS4, QS6 or QS6.1 Now I have to choose...

My wish list is like this - I want really good natural sounds first, second the ability to sequence on my
100 mhz Pentium (win95), ease of use, key action, and hopefully 76 keys. Anything in addition would
be a plus - ( a considerable upgrade from a 10 year old Casio... )

I can find very little factual info on the QS4 and QS6 on the web. Does either one have 76 keys and
do what I'm wishing for?

Could somebody out there give me some good advice - I can get a deal on these models but I am
a bit overwhelmed by all the features and differing opinions on review sites I've visited. I am a
piano player-hobbyist, I would use this to play at church and maybe weddings.


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