help with cakewalk and QS8 midi.... please!!

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Posted by Jeff W on February 13, 2000 at 20:13:43:

I'm trying to get my home studio up and running again. I'm sure I had all this stuff working correctly before a recent move. The problem:

I'm having major problems getting the right sound to come from the QS8 after choosing it in CW. I've read all the related posts on this forum and still can't get it to work.

Source=midi omni
port=1-Alesis QS8
bank sel. method=controller 0 *
bank=0-QS8 user
patch=no quarter

kbd mode= out 01
general midi=off
midi prg sel=on
midi out=out

led screen:
mix* user 00
multitmbrl ........

No Quarter sounds like crap! When I put the QS8 into solo mode and play it, it sounds great. I went through a bunch of the patches with mixed results. Many sound wrong. Some patches (slap it! for example) sound fine. Any suggestions? Maybe one of you could just start by verifying that No Quarter sounds correct whether accessed through CW or directly on the QS8 in solo mode.

Jeff W

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