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Posted by Reverso on March 05, 2000 at 18:27:24:

In Reply to: Sequencing and effects configurations posted by Olle on March 03, 2000 at 16:46:20:

It took me a long time to figure this out...
Start in program mode, and select a user preset you don't use or don't mind overwriting. A program can have up to four different sounds in it, so to keep everything
from getting too confusing, turn all sounds off except sound 1 (press "edit select" then "40" then press one of the "page"
keys repeatedly until you see p1 in the upper right hand of the LCD - it will say "sound" 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 - if it is capitalized,
the sound is enabled, if it is lower case the sound is disabled - press "10" to see sound 2 then "value down" to disable, "20"
to see sound 3 then "value down" to disable, same thing for channel 4 etc -make sure that channel 1 is enabled - press "00"
then" value up" to enable)
Now you have a user preset with only 1 layer to it, on sound 1. Store it (press store twice).
Pick a sound that is really basic - (in program mode press "program mode" ,"edit select", "00", "40" then use the "page"
left and right and the "value" up and down buttons to select a sound that is clear - make sure that the word SOUND1 is
capitalized on the LCD so you can hear what you're doing - if not, go back to the beginning...)
Store it.
Now we pick some effects - what you do here is put all the different effects you want in your mix into one program's
effects, and use that program in your mix.... It'll all make sense in a bit.
Press "program" to make sure you're starting from step 1... now press the "edit select" button TWICE. Now you've gone from
program edit mode to effects edit mode --- look above the 00 10 20 30 etc buttons on yer board - now when you
press those buttons you are calling up the function described along the row labelled Effects. Press "40" for configuration.
...... now press the "value up" key until you get the ovr+lzly config. This config lets you use overdrive and reverb and pitch
and whatever all in the same program - and all in the same mix.
Store it - now you have a program with 1 layer on SOUND1 with the ovr+lzly effects patch... Now you set the effects.
press "program" once or twice to return to the beginning. *** Press "edit select" once then "50" then one of the "page" buttons
until you get to page 5 (p5 in top right) - pressing "value" up and down takes you through the four different effects you have -
on mine, Overdrive is bus 1, delay is bus 2, reverb is bus 3, pitch is bus 4. pick bus 1, press "edit select" then "110" and now you're
editing the overdrive parameters (display should read ED:PRG EFFECTS P1 OVERDRIVE:etc....) don't try to change the
reverb or pitch parameters because you won't hear them... Find an Overdrive that you like and store the sound. Start over
(from where I wrote the three stars ***) then pick bus 2 instead of bus 1. Now you edit the delay parameters - pick one you
like and store it. Do the same for bus 3 (reverb) and bus 4 (pitch). What you end up with is a program in your user bank
that has four different effects - to test this, press program once or twice to start from the beginning. Press "edit select" then
"50" then "page" until you see p5 in the top right. Now as you press the "value" up or down, you'll hear the same sound
with four different effects. This will be your master effects program while you're in Mix mode, where you play back your sequences.
Now go into mix mode and pick the mix with the sounds you want to use in the song. Use the page buttons to pick
one of the sixteen midi channels that you don't use in the song (For example, Ch 16). Press the "Bank" buttons until you are in the user bank, then
use the number buttons to select the user program we just made. Almost done... Store the mix.
Press "mix" once or twice to start from the beginning... Press "edit select" once then "80" then use the "page " buttons to
select p2,( FX MIDI CHAN: ) use the the "value" buttons to pick the channel where you just put the master effects program(for example, Ch 16)
Now the mix will use the effects from the user program we made. STORE the mix. Now you pick which of the four effects
each sound in your mix will use by assigning each sound to one of the busses.
Press mix once or twice to start at the beginning... Press "edit select" then "60". The 0 - 9 and 00 to 50 buttons pick which
mix preset you're affecting (see above the buttons on the horizontal row labelled "mix"???) Pick channel 1 by pressing
"0" then use the "page" buttons to get to p6 (ED:MIX CHAN 01 FX BUS:) and it'll probably say PROG. Use the "Value" buttons
to pick which effect to use on chan 1. Now press "1" and pick which effect to use for chan 2, repeat for ch 3 - 16.... I apologize
for such a long explaination, I hope it's not too hard to understand (I'm drunk). But this DOES work, I have
reverb and overdrive and pitch and delay all in the same mix on a qs8.... It took me a long time to figure it
out but it's necessary to get good sounds out of the monster. (NOTE: on p5 right before ED:MIX CHAN ?? FX BUS mentioned before is the
FX volume, it's important that this is up so you can hear the FX - you can adjust the amount of effects on
each individual sound in your mix with this)

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