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Posted by PK on March 06, 2000 at 15:41:05:

In Reply to: Re: Sequencing and effects configurations posted by Reverso on March 05, 2000 at 18:27:24:

If I use another keyboard as a sequenser, how can I change effect level of particular chanel (let's say on ch1) by using midi controler 91 or 93 for example on QS. Somebody help please if it is possible.

: It took me a long time to figure this out...
: Start in program mode, and select a user preset you don't use or don't mind overwriting. A program can have up to four different sounds in it, so to keep everything
: from getting too confusing, turn all sounds off except sound 1 (press "edit select" then "40" then press one of the "page"
: keys repeatedly until you see p1 in the upper right hand of the LCD - it will say "sound" 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 - if it is capitalized,
: the sound is enabled, if it is lower case the sound is disabled - press "10" to see sound 2 then "value down" to disable, "20"
: to see sound 3 then "value down" to disable, same thing for channel 4 etc -make sure that channel 1 is enabled - press "00"
: then" value up" to enable)
: Now you have a user preset with only 1 layer to it, on sound 1. Store it (press store twice).
: Pick a sound that is really basic - (in program mode press "program mode" ,"edit select", "00", "40" then use the "page"
: left and right and the "value" up and down buttons to select a sound that is clear - make sure that the word SOUND1 is
: capitalized on the LCD so you can hear what you're doing - if not, go back to the beginning...)
: Store it.
: Now we pick some effects - what you do here is put all the different effects you want in your mix into one program's
: effects, and use that program in your mix.... It'll all make sense in a bit.
: Press "program" to make sure you're starting from step 1... now press the "edit select" button TWICE. Now you've gone from
: program edit mode to effects edit mode --- look above the 00 10 20 30 etc buttons on yer board - now when you
: press those buttons you are calling up the function described along the row labelled Effects. Press "40" for configuration.
: ...... now press the "value up" key until you get the ovr+lzly config. This config lets you use overdrive and reverb and pitch
: and whatever all in the same program - and all in the same mix.
: Store it - now you have a program with 1 layer on SOUND1 with the ovr+lzly effects patch... Now you set the effects.
: press "program" once or twice to return to the beginning. *** Press "edit select" once then "50" then one of the "page" buttons
: until you get to page 5 (p5 in top right) - pressing "value" up and down takes you through the four different effects you have -
: on mine, Overdrive is bus 1, delay is bus 2, reverb is bus 3, pitch is bus 4. pick bus 1, press "edit select" then "110" and now you're
: editing the overdrive parameters (display should read ED:PRG EFFECTS P1 OVERDRIVE:etc....) don't try to change the
: reverb or pitch parameters because you won't hear them... Find an Overdrive that you like and store the sound. Start over
: (from where I wrote the three stars ***) then pick bus 2 instead of bus 1. Now you edit the delay parameters - pick one you
: like and store it. Do the same for bus 3 (reverb) and bus 4 (pitch). What you end up with is a program in your user bank
: that has four different effects - to test this, press program once or twice to start from the beginning. Press "edit select" then
: "50" then "page" until you see p5 in the top right. Now as you press the "value" up or down, you'll hear the same sound
: with four different effects. This will be your master effects program while you're in Mix mode, where you play back your sequences.
: Now go into mix mode and pick the mix with the sounds you want to use in the song. Use the page buttons to pick
: one of the sixteen midi channels that you don't use in the song (For example, Ch 16). Press the "Bank" buttons until you are in the user bank, then
: use the number buttons to select the user program we just made. Almost done... Store the mix.
: Press "mix" once or twice to start from the beginning... Press "edit select" once then "80" then use the "page " buttons to
: select p2,( FX MIDI CHAN: ) use the the "value" buttons to pick the channel where you just put the master effects program(for example, Ch 16)
: Now the mix will use the effects from the user program we made. STORE the mix. Now you pick which of the four effects
: each sound in your mix will use by assigning each sound to one of the busses.
: Press mix once or twice to start at the beginning... Press "edit select" then "60". The 0 - 9 and 00 to 50 buttons pick which
: mix preset you're affecting (see above the buttons on the horizontal row labelled "mix"???) Pick channel 1 by pressing
: "0" then use the "page" buttons to get to p6 (ED:MIX CHAN 01 FX BUS:) and it'll probably say PROG. Use the "Value" buttons
: to pick which effect to use on chan 1. Now press "1" and pick which effect to use for chan 2, repeat for ch 3 - 16.... I apologize
: for such a long explaination, I hope it's not too hard to understand (I'm drunk). But this DOES work, I have
: reverb and overdrive and pitch and delay all in the same mix on a qs8.... It took me a long time to figure it
: out but it's necessary to get good sounds out of the monster. (NOTE: on p5 right before ED:MIX CHAN ?? FX BUS mentioned before is the
: FX volume, it's important that this is up so you can hear the FX - you can adjust the amount of effects on
: each individual sound in your mix with this)

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