Re: Cakewalk -- QS6 user bank sounds SOLVED!

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Posted by Brian Cameron on July 21, 2000 at 11:58:20:

In Reply to: Re: Cakewalk -- QS6 user bank sounds posted by Brian Cameron on July 21, 2000 at 09:22:20:

God, all I want to do is make music -- not dick with computers (that's my day job :^)
Anyway, I grabbed the QS7.INS file and imported it into Cakewalk, and sure 'nuff there is a "user" bank. So, I
figured that the qs6.ins file must have an error in it. It did. The patch name for "user" was all in uppercase while
in the instrument definitions section it was "User". Changed it -- it now works. The odd thing is that the original
qs6.ins file that I got off the Cakewalk site is different than the one I grabbed from this site; however, *both* have
the same UPPERlower-case problem.


: Thanks for the pointer. I grabbed the file and installed it (even though the install instructions were for Cakewalk
: version 3.01 -- I'm running version 8). However, when I click on "bank" I still only see:
: -none-
: 1-qs6 PRE 1
: 2-qs6 PRE 2
: 3-qs6 PRE 3
: 4-qs6 GM
: There is no user bank displayed. I checked the qs6.ins file and there *is* a user definition in it. I should also mention
: that I tried this on the computer at work and I'll have to wait till I get home to compare the qs6.ins file I have there and
: this one (but I bet they are the same).

: : Go to the Software page on this site and I think the first thing you come to are the INS files. If you have the QS6 the file is there. If you have the QS 6.1 like I do, then use the INS file for the QS7.

: : The file should contain the factory presets and the User instrument definitions. If not, let me know and I'll noodle around an see what I can find. You can also check the Alesis site. I'm pretty sure they have them. It' also easy enough, though a bit time consuming, to edit the file you have to add the User definitions.

: : Let me know what you come up with. On to your next question....

: : Regards,
: : Michael

: :
: : : Hi, it's me again :^)

: : : How can I get Cakewalk to recognize the "USER" bank of sounds on the qs6? It only sees the
: : : PRESET banks. I remember getting the definition file from somewhere on the net a long time ago.
: : : Not sure from where. Could it be that *that* file only contained the PRESETs? IS there a def file
: : : that contains the USER bank?

: : : Thanks again in advance

: : : Bri

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