Re: Cakewalk -- QS6 user bank sounds SOLVED!

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Posted by Michael on July 21, 2000 at 15:09:53:

In Reply to: Re: Cakewalk -- QS6 user bank sounds SOLVED! posted by Brian Cameron on July 21, 2000 at 11:58:20:

Just remember that the User bank in the ins file for the QS7 is the same for the QS6.1. The QS6 has different names for the patches.

: God, all I want to do is make music -- not dick with computers (that's my day job :^)
: Anyway, I grabbed the QS7.INS file and imported it into Cakewalk, and sure 'nuff there is a "user" bank. So, I
: figured that the qs6.ins file must have an error in it. It did. The patch name for "user" was all in uppercase while
: in the instrument definitions section it was "User". Changed it -- it now works. The odd thing is that the original
: qs6.ins file that I got off the Cakewalk site is different than the one I grabbed from this site; however, *both* have
: the same UPPERlower-case problem.

: Bri

: : Thanks for the pointer. I grabbed the file and installed it (even though the install instructions were for Cakewalk
: : version 3.01 -- I'm running version 8). However, when I click on "bank" I still only see:
: : -none-
: : 1-qs6 PRE 1
: : 2-qs6 PRE 2
: : 3-qs6 PRE 3
: : 4-qs6 GM
: : There is no user bank displayed. I checked the qs6.ins file and there *is* a user definition in it. I should also mention
: : that I tried this on the computer at work and I'll have to wait till I get home to compare the qs6.ins file I have there and
: : this one (but I bet they are the same).

: :
: : : Go to the Software page on this site and I think the first thing you come to are the INS files. If you have the QS6 the file is there. If you have the QS 6.1 like I do, then use the INS file for the QS7.

: : : The file should contain the factory presets and the User instrument definitions. If not, let me know and I'll noodle around an see what I can find. You can also check the Alesis site. I'm pretty sure they have them. It' also easy enough, though a bit time consuming, to edit the file you have to add the User definitions.

: : : Let me know what you come up with. On to your next question....

: : : Regards,
: : : Michael

: : :
: : : : Hi, it's me again :^)

: : : : How can I get Cakewalk to recognize the "USER" bank of sounds on the qs6? It only sees the
: : : : PRESET banks. I remember getting the definition file from somewhere on the net a long time ago.
: : : : Not sure from where. Could it be that *that* file only contained the PRESETs? IS there a def file
: : : : that contains the USER bank?

: : : : Thanks again in advance

: : : : Bri

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