Freeloader problems

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Posted by Brian Cameron on July 29, 2000 at 14:56:28:

I read a posting that said you can load more sounds into the user bank with the freeloader
program. I discovered that freeloader v1.0 is on the alesis CD that came with my QS6. I fired it up,
but it only allowed me to load fiels with the filename extension of *.frl (not *.syx). The sysex
files on the CD have an extension of syx.

So, I copied the files to a temp directory with an extension of *.frl and loaded up one of them.
The problem then is all of the instrument names are garbage (wierd characters) and when I
press the ">" button to play them there is no sound. I'm not really to keen on loading this over
top of my existing virgin-factory user sounds if they turn out to be crap. I don't have a real good
feeling about this.

Anyone else experience this?
Is there a newer version of freeloader out there?

Thanks... Bri

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