recording mixes

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Posted by Michael on August 28, 2000 at 10:51:46:

I understand that w/ Cakewalk, etc. you use the Multitimbral mode to play back your sequences.

I have found a mix that I like very much in my QS6.1 that is comprised of 3 programs.

How is there a way to use that mix with other tracks? I guess I could record the track as audio, but then I would have no error correction. If I set up 3 tracks, one for each program in the mix, play my 'sequence" on one and then copy to the other two, it still doesn't sound right. It appears that the effects in the mix aren't contained in one of the 3 programs. There is an aftertouch in the mix that I like. Could the effects be called up from somewhere else and applied to the mix, while not being part of one of the original mix patterns?

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