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Posted by CP on August 31, 2000 at 03:51:29:

In Reply to: recording mixes posted by Michael on August 28, 2000 at 10:51:46:


The problem s that in a MIX, QS "see" the 3 programs as a whole and not separated.
It has the option to use for all the programs that contained in a MIX, the FX send of one program (the one that you'll select from MIX Edit mode.

In a sequence QS will see the programs separated and not all together as in a MIX. So every program will have its own FX send. Lets say you mute the fx of the 2 programs you don't like and you leave the fx of the program you want. That mean that you'll hear 1 effected program and 2 completely "dry" programs. But in a Mix you don't hear "Dry" sound. You hear a sound of 3 programs that all effected from the same FX send.

So the only solve for the problem is to make all 3 programs (in PROGRAM Edit Mode) have the same fx send and the same amount of fx. Then you have to save all 3 in the USER bank and use them separated in your Sequencer by copy the notes you play 3 times. That will make these 3 programs sound like the one MIX (i hope).


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