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Posted by Mike on January 10, 2001 at 06:23:38:

In Reply to: Amplifying the Alesis posted by mitchell thomashow on January 09, 2001 at 23:38:23:

The reason your headphones sound better is you are hearing these programs from your keyboard in stereo vs. mono with the Roland KA 100 amplifier. The output signal at your keyboards output jacks is also hotter than the signal at the headphone jack.

Most people will invest a few thousand in a keyboard, but then skimp on sound reinforcement and expect their expensive keyboard or other instrument to make up the difference in sound quality. For one, it's just NOT physically possible!

I had a friend who bought a very expensive Fender guitar, but he also went and purchased an ampllifier that cost him around $100.00. When he got it home he wondered what happened to all that great Fender sound he heard in the store's showroom when he was playing the same guitar through the store's $1500 PA system.

If you want premium sound quality, seriously consider spending equally as much on sound reinforcement as you did for your keyboard. You should consider a mixer, a good stereo amplifier, and speaker cabinets that have at least 15" speakers in them with horns - not piezo tweeters. A sound system incorporating a two or three-way crossover network is ideal. You have invested as much in your instrument - why not the same in your sound reinforcement system?

A few years ago I bought a couple of cheapo amplifiers and speaker cabinets with 10" speakers and piezo tweeters in them (it had no crossover network) thinking this would adequately do the job. Not so. This too was about a $300.00 investment for me at the time, and it was a complete waste of my money IMO today.

The dynamic range of many of the sound samples in the Alesis keyboard (like the piano samples) would cause the piezo tweeters to crackle - even at a respectable volume level. The 10" speakers were good for reproducing the midrange frequencies, but certainly not for faithfully reproducing bass frequencies.

Studio monitors may be a step up from the Roland keyboard amp, but it's not likely you will do better with an investment of only $300 (or less) in sound reinforcement, especially if you are attempting to reproduce in your music room the same quality of sound you are hearing in your headphones.

: I'm looking for advice on the best way to amplify an Alesis 7.1 I just bought a Roland KA 100 keyboard amplifier, but I found that I far prefer the sounds from my inexpensive headphones from the Alesis headphone output.So I'm returning the amp. Has anyone had experience with reasonably inexpensive ($300 or less) studio monitors that sound good. I don't need anything for performance...just high quazlity low volume, music room sound.

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