How You manage Your QS Mixes when sequencing?

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Posted by Markku Mattila on October 08, 2001 at 02:23:21:

This question is for all QS users, who also do sequencing (I use Cakewalk Pro Audio).

We all know that Mixes are QS's multitimbral settings, so, what kind of habits You guys have when Your'e doing sequencing projects, do You put program change commands to the sequence tracks, or do You use same method as I: I setup a Mix for a sequencing project I'm doing, then I send it to my computer into the SysEx folder that I've specified as a SysEx folder in my sequencer, then I setup my sequencing project so, that everytime I load my project into the sequencer, the sequencer sends the user mix settings to the Alesis user mix location, so, I have everything ready for playing back the sequence... In Cakewalk Pro Audio, this is possible with the SysEx view, and I've found it being very handy method. Usually I leave the Mix's volume level settings to the default, so I can cotrol the levels from Cakewalk's console view...


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