12 months using QS6 & I still understand how you change the effects - Please help

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Posted by Pete on December 07, 1999 at 09:06:20:

Please see example of QS6 set up:

QS6 in Mix mode - multibrl 00

chn1 = Violin sound
chn2 = Bass sound
chn3 = Drums

Computer with OMS Vision software

Track 1 = Violin sound
Track 2 = Bass sound
Track 3 = Drums

Now for the last year this is a good example of how I use my QS6 (don't use patches and stuff because I have absolutely no idea what they are!).

With my computer, to play back music from the QS6 I recorded (say 2 weeks ago) I just reset all the channels on the QS6 to same configuration I had when I originally created the song (just like above) . This maybe seem a strange laborious way of doing things - but it works in my small midi world !!

The question : Again, using the same example as above - if I wanted to change the effects on say Chnl 1 to give the Violin more reverb without any changes to channels 2 & 3. What do I do ?

To answer this question I would appreciate if could address it in a way a small Monkey or a Seaside Donkey could understand.

Cash, gold, love or whatever will be given if this can be explained in easy step by step process.

I don’t mind if you use long strange midi words, but please explain what they mean.

Good luck

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