No sound from my Nanosynth

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Posted by Mark Ranger on February 28, 2000 at 09:26:43:

Hi all, I daresay if I looked hard enough I would see this covered elsewhere, but I am nearing the end of tearing out whatever hair I have left, so I am asking for more immediate help.
I have a Nano Synth, using an Evolution 125 keyboard, then into a Mac 6200/60, using Cubasis. The problem is that some kind of software confict means I rarely can get a signal out of it to power the speakers. I also have a tv desk top controller on the machine, which takes the sound output normally, and I have a feeling that this restricts the output path of my computer. I tried disconnecting the tv box yesterday and after a bit of fiddling around with the sound settings, I did get the synth going. But after a re-start later on, the same problem occured again, so the same conflict happened.

Has anyone else any experience of this, also should I be using anything else from the Alesis CD ROM, about which I must say I thought the instructions were particularly naff.

I'd be happy to give any more info than this, but do not want to bore you all rigid in the meantime.... Any help would be very much appreciated


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