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(Last updated: Monday, 24-Aug-2009 06:21:15 CDT)

11/28/06 - Alesis QS Service Manual

11/27/06 - Alesis QS 6.1, 7.1, 8.1 Schematics (diagrams)

04/15/06 - New resource for QS users: Ben Weaver's Alesis Hacks Page

10/27/02 - Flash RAM and SRAM Cards Available Now at the MIDI-Store

10/25/00 - NanoSynth Patch Map for Voyetra.

07/23/00 - Chris Papageorgiou's "Comprehensive Guide for QS Card Users" Updated with new info !

07/18/00 - Fixed the user bank error in the QS6 Cakewalk Instrument Definition file.

04/17/00 - Cakewalk Instrument Definition (INS) file for the Latin QCard.

03/31/00 - New QS7/8 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Lamarr W. Ritchie !
03/19/00 - New QS7/QS8 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Brian!
01/04/00 - Comprehensive Guide for QS Card Users - by Chris Papageorgiou !
12/15/99 - New QS+ MIDI files from J.C.Myers in the MIDI File Library !
12/14/99 - Various new Cakewalk INS files from Allan Metts in the Software Library !
12/12/99 - New QS+ MIDI file from Brendan Davis in the MIDI File Library !
06/16/99 - New Piano MIDI Files from Greg Jones in the MIDI File Library !
01/08/99 - QS6.1 Factory User Bank
01/07/99 - Cakewalk Instrument Definitions for the Vintage Synth QCard
12/05/98 - Cakewalk Studioware Panel for the QS7/QS8
11/02/98 - New QS6 sequences in the MIDI File Library - from David Banz!
10/29/98 - New QS6 sequences in the MIDI File Library - from Eberhardt Pfeiffer!
10/06/98 - Mixermap for Cubase VST - Mac format - by Dorian May
09/19/98 - New QS6 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from ERN0!
8/16/98 - New Patches for the QS7/QS8/QSR from Daniel Forsberg

8/12/98 - The Ultimate QS Patch Library SYSEX version of Chris Papageorgiou's "Ultimate Unisyn Library".
8/04/98 - Finally : 8MB Flash RAM card for only $89.00 (plus shipping) WORLDWIDE ! Good news for QS users not living in the US. You can order your Flash RAM cards by mail, for a very reasonable price from anywhere in the World.
See the Cards Page for all the info.

07/15/98 - QS6.1 - The newest member of the QS family. Take a look ! The QS6.1 is basically the 61 key version of the QS7 with some modifications :
  1. Improved GM sound set
  2. A new button for starting MIDI sequence playback
  3. Another new button called "Transpose"
  4. New bigger display (same as in the QSR)
  5. A suggested retail price of $999
All other specifications are the same as the QS7
Available in stores at the end of August.

07/14/98 - New QS6 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Ralf Schleusener !
06/25/98 - SoundBridge for Windows 2.5.1b1 (Beta 1) The first release of the new 32 bit Windows version.
06/13/98 - New QS7/8 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Lamarr W. Ritchie !
06/10/98 - New QS7/8 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Joshua Schpok !
04/19/98 - Unisyn Mega-Archive : 2920 QS patches ! - by Chris Papageorgiou
04/10/98 - MIDIUtil - new MIDI utility by Red Fox
04/07/98 - QS Card Wizard - new QS Card sysex utility by Red Fox
03/24/98 - QControl - New shareware Mix Editor for Windows - by Geoff Moehrke
02/11/98 - New MIDI sequences from the QCard Demo CD - by Boris Wiedenfeld
02/10/98 - NanoSynth patch names file for Opcode Vision
01/29/98 - New QS6 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Markus Eigner !
01/25/98 - Get your free QCard audio demo CD from Alesis, call (800)5-ALESIS.
01/21/98 - The latest news on SoundBridge!
01/16/98 - New NanoSynth section on the FAQ Page
01/16/98 - NanoSynth sysex banks in the Sound Library
01/12/98 - Cakewalk Instrument Definitions (INS) file for the NanoBass
01/02/98 - The QS Mailing List Archives.
New QS7/8 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Joshua Schpok !
Cakewalk Instrument Definitions (INS) file for the QS7/8/R Expando Banks
Cakewalk Instrument Definitions (INS) file for the Alesis NanoSynth
New QS6 sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Ralf Schleusener !
QS SoundEditor 32 Editor for Alesis QuadraSynth family synthesizers for Win95 and WinNT. 32 bit editor/librarian for the QS6, QS7, QS8 and QSR synths.
Alesis QS6, QS7, QS8 and QSR System Exclusive Specifications : Simple HTML page or Acrobat (pdf) format
QE Plus ! The new Universal QS Editor/Librarian for Windows is now available !
Download the free demo, and register the full version at the QE Plus Page !
New Emagic Logic Environments for Alesis / Mac - in the Software Library
Cakewalk Instrument Definitions (.INS) files for all QS models and QCards
QuadraSynth Forum The QS-Forum is an interactive discussion area, please check it out, and let me know what you think. I would like to replace the QS Mailing List with the Forum, if I get positive feedback from users.
Alesis QS7/8 driver for the Steinberg Cubase Studio Module.
Corrected versions of the extra banks included with the Grand Piano Plus QCard - from Dave Funk
Patch and Mix name list from the EuroDance QCard
Patch and Mix name list from the Vintage Keys QCard
New organ patches for the QS7/QS8 from Jeff Fried
New QS6 sequences in the MIDI File Library - from Ralf Schleusener and ERN0 !
New Page ! Links to QS Users' Home Pages. Check it out !
New QS6 sequences in the MIDI File Library - from Michael Sims and Erik Bouw !
Emagic Logic Environments for Alesis / Mac - in the Software Library
New QuadraSynth sequence in the MIDI File Library - from Simon C. Anthes!
QuadraSynth patch database in the Software Library
New QS6 sequences in the MIDI File Library - from Ralf Schleusener and J J Dekker !
New, low price on SRAM cards ! More Info
Tempo lists for the Rap-Techno-Dance,   Hip-Hop and Euro-Dance Q-Cards
Excel for the QS
New sequences in the MIDI File Library
    From Jeremy Marentette, Dave Young, and ERN0 (QS6) and Aleks Ozolins (QS7)

Programming Basics by Rich on the SoundBridge Page

New Alesis Synths !

Alesis QSR
QS7/8 in a single rack space unit. Four outs, two slots, computer port and Digital out. Same sound ROM (includes the big grand piano) and programs. Does support sequence payback from cards. $899. They should ship within the month.
QS6 in a 1/3 space rack mount unit (same 8 meg sound ROM). 64 voices, 16 channels. Limited user interface, new GM programs, serial port, CD, and RCA inputs (for multimedia apps). 640 programs - 256 from the front panel, the rest via MIDI. Same fx processor, but much more limited algorithms. Computer editing supported. $449. Planned for April Delivery
New 8 meg piano card in a 1/3 space rack mount unit. 256 programs, all preset. Remember, this card has other samples than just the piano. 64 voices. Also same effects processor as the other synths. $399. Also due in April (maybe even March)
4 meg. 1/3 rack space unit. Nothing but bass sounds, both real and synthesized. No effects. 256 programs, all preset. 64 voices (for big stacks...also, you can never tell when you may need to cover "Big Bottom"...) $299. Due out in May.

S4 Plus .INI File for Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Plus.

New patches for the QuadraSynth Plus Piano, from Antoine W. Caron
New sequences in the MIDI File Library
    From Marty Danko (QS6) Dennis Schissler and Guillermo Rosado (Willy) (QS Plus). Check 'em out !

QS6, QS7 and QS8 serial cable wiring diagrams (pinouts) for Mac and PC
MIDIWORLD (new web site) is open ! Look around, listen to some MIDI files, and let me know what you think. The site is brand new, comments, suggestions welcome.
The QS Pages are back to normal again. I redesigned the site, to make it more accessible to everyone, easier to read and navigate, and a lot faster to download. The QuadraSynth images can be found in the Archives, in case you need them.
QuadraSynth Editor by Paul Swennenhuis.
    New, updated version of the Windows Editor for the QS, QS+, S4, S4+,QS6, QS7 and QS8. Read the description, download the free demo, and register the full version on the QE2.0 Page

The latest additions to the QuadraSynth pages :
the Flash RAM FAQ and the SoundBridge Page

New sequences for the QS6 in the MIDI File Library
    From Stephen Rudolph, Markus Eigner and Dave Young. Check 'em out !

Important announcement from Alesis :
    Alesis Releases QS6 2.00 and Soundbridge Upgrade.

    Alesis is happy to announce the release of QS6 software version 2.00. Version 2.00 adds the ability for QS6 users to utilize new features included in the updated version of Sound Bridge software (Version 2.00 for MAC and Version 1.2 for IBM). These features include the partitioning of cards in order to store samples, sysex, and standard midi files on the same card. Sound Bridge also allows the ability to playback standard midi files which have been transfer#f84040 to RAM cards.

    QuadraSynth Plus Piano and S4 Plus users will be able to use the updated version of Sound Bridge, but will not have the ability to play back SMFs due to limitations of those products' hardware. Both units do have the ability to partition cards to store samples and system exclusive on the same card.

    For the QS6, Version 2.00 software is available as an EPROM upgrade kit. This kit is user-installable and comes with all the necessary instructions and tools. The only other tool you will need is a Phillips type screwdriver. The upgrade is available free of charge to registe#f84040 users who have purchased their units after July 1, 1996. A proof of sale is requi#f84040 to receive this upgrade free of charge. Otherwise, this EPROM upgrade is an enhancement to the original QS6 operating system. All previous QS6 owners must purchase the upgrade through our Parts department at the cost of $39.99 (Plus any applicable sales tax and shipping charges).

    The revised Sound Bridge software is currently available for both MAC and IBM operating systems. Soundbridge 2.00 for the Mac and 1.2 for the IBM are available as attachments. Simply send your request for the file to :


    You may also download the program at the Sound Bridge WWW:


    Soundbridge will be included on the forthcoming CD ROM for the QS7 & 8 which should be available shortly. Only QS7 & 8 users are entitled to a copy of the disk free of charge. The disk will not be available for purchase due to liscensing issues.

    Users who did not receive a claim form with their QS7/8 for the CD ROM should call with their serial number ready. The CD will be orde#f84040 upon verification of registration.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

    Alesis Technical Support

Alesis Serial Port Driver for Windows 2.00 (FINAL) 10/96
  • supports the Alesis QS6, QS7, QS8
  • supports direct high speed connections to the QS7, QS8
  • Works with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95
  • includes complete documentation of all parameters, installation instructions for both 3.1 and 95.

To all QS7 and QS8 owners:
    There have been reports of some QS7 and QS8 owners having difficulty using SoundBridge with the approved AMD flash cards. Thanks to Jeff Pynonnen and Les Winters, we have been able to isolate the problem. It seems that AMD, the company who manufactures the flash cards that we approve for use with our synths is actually making two types of cards with the same part #. Both are exactly alike, except one has a ceramic case, and one has a metal case. It has been discove#f84040 that the metal case cards do not function correctly with the QS7 and QS8...however, they do work correctly on the QS6 and S9. The discrepancy is due to the double card slot interacting peculiarly with the metal case - the result is that the QS7 and QS8 think they're SRAM cards, and will not allow them to be burned...suffice it to say that neither we nor the engineers at AMD can explain why at this time - they're exactly the same otherwise. AMD is still manufacturing the ceramic case cards, and will gladly send that model to anyone who specifies (same price)...remember, the part # for the two cards is the exact same (AmC008DFLKA for the 8 meg...just change the 8 to a 4 for the 4 meg, etc). Remember, the ceramic ones work in all the synths, and the metal ones only work in the synths with one card slot. Please feel free to email me with any questions...
    Alesis Keyboards

Alesis QS6 Program Patches from David Young in the Sound Library

    - Alesis QS6 MIDI system exclusive specifications ( for advanced users)

New sequences in the MIDI File Library
    From Dennis Schissler (QS+), Martin G C Davies and J.J.Dekker (QS6) and Bruce M Satinover (QS7/QS8).

    Seq-303 is an analog sequencer emulator for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Seq-303 was inspi#f84040 by many of the great analog sequencers of yore, including the Serge TKB, ARP 1613, PaIA 4700, Korg SQ-10, and of course the venerable Roland TB-303.

New Patches ! Great new patches for the QuadraSynth Plus Piano, from Adrian Wagner
QS6 reviews :
    Electronic Musician (June/'96) and Keyboard Magazine (July/'96)