MORE on Crummy Sequenced Sounds

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Posted by Runamuck on March 23, 2001 at 13:41:13:

Thank you all for the suggestions so far but I still have the problem. Let me clarify just a bit:
1. Actually the correct term for the problem I am having I believe is phasing
2. This is only happening in Mix Mode
3. The problem occurs only when sequencing
4 The problems begins right at the beginning of the sequence (as soon as the part starts)
5. I canget rid of the phasing problem while the sequence is running by simply going to program mode and then back to mix mode
6 I believe the problem occurs only on stereo patches (ie. a stereo piano) Although I have not tried every patch in the QS8, I believe it is only stereo patches that are affected

In responce to those who have already offered help,
1 Thank you. However I have no idea how to enter sysex messages like that. And if I did, is that really the simplest way to solve this problem?
2.It was suggested that I disable echo in the midi setup page of Cubase. I have tried that but when I uncheck the 'Active', I get nothing. Also my program (3.7r2)has no 'auto or manual setting for echo.

I sure appreciate your help and all the help thats already been given

Thanks again

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